Trang chủ Bookkeeping NetSuite Applications Suite Associating a Vendor Credit With a Deposit

NetSuite Applications Suite Associating a Vendor Credit With a Deposit

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Run “Banking” in “QBDT” to record the deposit of your vendor check. For guiding you more about these methods in QuickBooks to record refunds from vendors, we can be relied on. We have displayed these methods step-by-step and based on different situations. And I’m sure it goes without saying that of course you noted the refund reason in the deposit memo field. But this is still incorrect, slightly.

There are two ways through which you can adjust rebates. Here are the steps to learn how to record a refund in QuickBooks. QuickBooks allows you to manage all accounting tasks easily. Finally, save the changes and finish the linking process. A column for “Amount” will be available.

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According to different scenarios, the steps to record the refund in QuickBooks change. However, in this article, you’ll find the steps to record a refund provided as a check or a credit card credit. Accounts payable is a transaction in QuickBooks that records the money you owe your vendors for products or services you’ve purchased.

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You will be able to add a Memo in the box at the bottom of the screen, and select any Attachments to include from your file directories. Or, click Save and close or Save and new. For example; you ordered a shipment of pens for your sales people to use as promotional items. Some of the pens are defective or have the wrong information on them. Your supplier gave you a $50.00 credit on a future purchase and a reference number to use. This is why most accountants prefer the first method that not only lets you adjust rebates but also records them even after the refund has been initiated.

Don’t hesitate to reach us back so we can assist you further with vendor refunds, bills, or QuickBooks in particular. Now I can scan back to see where I entered it under Bank Deposits. I can also scan back to see where I entered it under Enter Bills. Select the vendor whose refund check you deposited. In the Received From column, select the vendor who issued the check.


Locate the customer you have refunded in your Customer List, and afterwards click on their name to open the Customer Detail window. Pick the product or service for which a refund is provided under the column called ‘PRODUCT/SERVICE’. Choose the “Credit option” to the account for the return of goods. The amount must be entered in the “Amount” column, and it cannot exceed the original check. After filling out the information, you’ll notice that there is a column where you can enter the money back amount.

Record Vendor Refund in QuickBooks Desktop

You cannot olive & poppy 1 part of a payment on account or credit note from here. If you have already received the credit note, then enter the refund and match it to the credit note. This article explains how to enter the refund and match it to the original payment or credit note.

The next time a transaction that involves sending that vendor money, you’ll see a record of that credit to the right of the Check or Expense screen, for example. We offer you an easy-to-follow guide to recording your refund from vendors or customers. So, how do you properly receive a vendor refund? Go to the deposit screen, in the received from field enter the vendor name.

Thereafter, click Add in the outstanding vendor credit section. If you have returned Items, click the Item ‘Tab‘ and enter the Items and ‘Amounts‘ from the refund. Move to the ‘Amount‘ column, enter the actual amount of the ‘Vendor‘ check. Go to the ‘Amount column‘ enter the actual amount of the refund.

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In other words, you get a check from the vendor that must be deposited. You can’t refund part of a credit note. First allocate the credit note to the correct invoice, then refund the outstanding value. If you need help with bank feeds, read about how to process incoming bank transactions.

Once the period is over for the transaction, you can transfer it to an asset account. It is necessary to clear all accounts before closing the books. Your accounts won’t reflect the correct number until and unless all the transactions are cleared from the clearing account. Make a single account for refunding to vendors. There are many firms that use this method for adjusting fewer payments to a vendor.

Follow the below steps to record vendor refund in QuickBooks Desktop. Follow the below mention steps to record vendor refund in QuickBooks Desktop. Typically, this occurs where you already have paid the Vendor’s Bill for the original purchase prior to receiving their credit. This explains how to record a refund received from a supplier.


If the refund is to repay an overpayment saved as a payment on account, enter the refund and match to the payment on account. Now record all your transactions in this clearing account. These transactions must only be for sale. If any refund or rebate is requested, you can remove the transaction from this clearing account.

This is wrong because it does not directly tie the deposit to the vendor. Meaning you will not find this deposit in the vendor center. QuickBooks helps everyone to manage their accounting needs efficiently and safely.

Select the name of the vendor from the “Vendor” drop-down menu and then enter the credit in the “Credit Amount” field. In “Amount”, input that amount that has been added to your vendor check. Then check the amount of the vendor check.

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